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Terms of Use

  1. Acknowledgment of These Terms and Conditions

1.1 By making a purchase, the customer acknowledges that they have pre-emptively reviewed these general terms and conditions of sale relating to our e-commerce site, BRUYERRE, and accept them without reservation. Placing an order on BRUYERRE and clicking on the checkbox for accepting these terms implies the automatic, irrevocable, complete, and unconditional adherence of the customer to these general terms and conditions of sale.

1.2 Purchase conditions from the customer cannot prevail over our general terms and conditions of sale and will therefore be considered null and void.

1.3 Access to this website and its use are subject to the prior acceptance of these general terms and conditions. By visiting this website or using the information contained therein, you automatically accept the general terms and conditions. BRUYERRE may modify these conditions at any time.

  1. Characteristics of Our Products

2.1 The texts and illustrations of the various products are provided for information purposes only, they are not contractual and cannot engage the responsibility of BRUYERRE, nor affect the validity of the sale.

2.2 The customer can obtain additional information about the characteristics of the selected product(s) by sending a written request to:

2.3 The products offered by BRUYERRE have been rigorously selected and primarily come from national and international companies with a great reputation in the culinary industry.

2.4 If an item ordered on the website becomes unavailable, we will inform you as soon as possible. In this case, you have two options:

  1. Wait for the product to become available again.
  2. Request a refund for the unavailable item.
  1. Prices

3.1 The prices offered are net, including a 21% tax (Belgian regime), excluding delivery and processing fees.

3.2 BRUYERRE remains open to any requests from a customer for a significant global purchase. To do so, a specific request can be sent to and a preferential offer will be sent to the customer as soon as possible.

3.3 For Belgian professionals, an invoice will be issued with the possibility of recovering this tax if the customer has provided their VAT number during registration, starting with BE 0 followed by 9 digits (e.g., BE 0123.456.789)

3.4 For foreign professionals or taxable persons, BRUYERRE will also issue an invoice containing the customer's details. If the foreign customer (outside Belgium) also has a VAT registration number in their country (e.g., FR 0123456789) and after verification by the competent authorities, BRUYERRE will invoice the purchased items at the price excluding tax (i.e., displayed price minus the 21% VAT amount)

3.5 For individuals and non-taxable professionals, BRUYERRE will issue an invoice for purchases made at the prices indicated on the website at the non-recoverable 21% tax rate.

3.6 For any other questions regarding VAT deductibility, please send an email to:

3.7 Prices can vary significantly due to the coronavirus crisis and the scarcity of raw materials caused by various global conflicts. The displayed price may no longer be valid at the time of the order. Since selling at a loss is prohibited in Belgium, Bruyerre will contact the customer to cancel the order and provide a refund.

  1. Delivery Time

4.1 The average delivery time is 1 to 2 days for Belgium, 3 to 5 working days for the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and France for in-stock products, after receipt of payment (non-contractual data) and acceptance of the order.

4.2 BRUYERRE will inform the customer if a longer period is necessary for the execution of their order.

4.3 If the delivery time exceeds 30 days, the customer has the right to partially or completely waive their order, except if the customer has previously agreed to a later delivery.

  1. Order

5.1 When the order is recorded on BRUYERRE, the customer will receive a confirmation email detailing their order. This will be considered final. BRUYERRE disclaims any responsibility for any errors on the part of the customer (wording, shipping details, etc.).

5.2 Order confirmation implies acknowledgment and acceptance of these sales conditions and the renunciation of any of the customer's own purchase or other conditions.

5.3 BRUYERRE reserves the right to suspend or cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute regarding payment of a previous order or in case of payment incidents.

5.4 BRUYERRE reserves the right to suspend or cancel any order from a customer for which there have been several shipments of the same merchandise (at least the initial shipment as well as a second shipment) if a recurring problem occurs during delivery (loss/damage). In this case, the customer will be reimbursed for the unreceived merchandise and it will be taken back by BRUYERRE.

5.5 We reserve the right to refuse an order if the price and/or specifications of a product mentioned on the website are incorrect due to technical failure or human error.

5.6 Products listed in the "Promotions" section are sold subject to availability.

  1. Payment

6.1 The total amount is due upon order. The total amount includes the price of the entire item + the cost of shipping fees.

6.2 The order will be considered effective upon payment of the full invoice amount and confirmation by the financial institution of the correct receipt of payment.

6.3 Various accepted payment methods:

• Credit card (MasterCard, Visa) (Credit card number, expiration date, security code)

• Debit card

• PayPal

• Bank transfer (longer processing time

  1. Delivery

7.1 BRUYERRE does not allow partial deliveries, as shipping costs are calculated for a single shipment per order. However, in the event that a portion of the customer's order is out of stock (see Article 5), the customer may choose to receive the available portion. The cost of the second shipment will be borne by the customer unless there are specific written arrangements established between the customer and BRUYERRE.

7.2 The delivery countries are indicated when placing the order. We deliver to the following countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany. For any other delivery requests to foreign countries:

7.3 BRUYERRE partners with B-Post for national shipments: The delivery address is the one provided by the customer during the order placement. For this type of shipment, the package will arrive at the recipient's address on the business day following payment receipt. If the customer is not present, the postal service will attempt a second delivery. During the second attempt, if the package is still not received, a notice will be left in the mailbox. The package can be collected within 15 days at the local post office before being returned to our offices. Additionally, in the case of a returned order, regardless of the reasons, the costs of reshipping will be billed to the buyer.

7.4 BRUYERRE partners with both B-Post and GLS for intra-European shipments: Similar conditions apply as for national shipments, with a delivery timeframe of approximately 3 to 5 business days after payment receipt.

7.5 In case of potential delays, BRUYERRE cannot be held responsible if the buyer is not in compliance with their contractual obligations (insufficiently provided address, recipient's absence, strikes, adverse weather conditions, etc.).

7.6 At the time of delivery, it is the buyer's responsibility to inspect the condition of the order. If any products are damaged, the customer should note "received damaged package" on the receipt and contact BRUYERRE within 48 hours of receiving the damaged package. If any issues during delivery arise, the customer should also contact BRUYERRE within 48 hours of notification or the carrier's call.

7.7 Failure to adhere to this procedure releases BRUYERRE from liability for damages during delivery, and the customer will not be eligible for any refund or exchange of the damaged merchandise.

7.8 Once the merchandise leaves our premises, the delivery is subcontracted to the relevant professional delivery service. If the merchandise is received damaged or broken, the subcontractor (Bpost / DPD / GLS) is responsible, and BRUYERRE disclaims any liability. However, BRUYERRE commits to resolving any disputes with subcontractors in collaboration with the buyer.

  1. Delivery Charges

8.1 Delivery costs are payable for all orders regardless of the delivery amount.

8.2 Our system calculates and offers different delivery options, including: standard door-to-door service (B-Post for national shipments, as well as for France, Germany, Netherlands, and Luxembourg), or pallet delivery for fragile products through GLS.

8.3 The delivery amount depends on the country of destination. (Belgium / France / Luxembourg / Netherlands / Germany)

  1. Satisfaction

9.1 The customer benefits from the "satisfied or refunded" guarantee. If the customer is not satisfied, BRUYERRE commits to refunding the amount of the delivered products via bank transfer or exchanging them; the amount is calculated based on the acquisition value minus any potential damages or additional fees. Returns of items are at the customer's risk. Unannounced returns will not be accepted.

9.2 Returned Merchandise In case of withdrawal, a letter, email, or the standard withdrawal form must be sent to us. The merchandise must meet the following conditions: • Returned within 14 days from the date of receipt. • In new, original condition. • In its original packaging, with all accessories (user manual, cables, etc.). • Supplied with a copy of the invoice/delivery note. Additionally, shipping and packaging costs are borne by the customer, except in case of our error.

9.3 Regarding special orders and sealed items, the customer will not benefit from this return guarantee. The costs and risks associated with return remain the customer's responsibility and will not be reimbursed, unless the item is defective or sent incorrectly by BRUYERRE.

  1. Warranty

10.1 All items are guaranteed for one year against any defects. This warranty is valid if usage and maintenance instructions are followed. In this case, BRUYERRE commits to either repairing or replacing any defective item, or potentially refunding it.

10.2 Our warranty does not apply to natural wear and tear or damages resulting, after the transfer of risk, from mishandling, negligence, excessive use, inappropriate accessories, or other influences not foreseen by the contract.

10.3 Also excluded from the warranty are bulbs, seals, resistances... (any "consumable" part that, due to the normal use of the appliance, needs to be replaced at regular intervals).

  1. After-Sales Service

11.1 A technical team is available to customers for any questions related to the use of our products or any potential malfunctions.

11.2 A copy of the invoice must be included with the returned item; shipping costs will be borne by the customer. After intervention by the technical service, if the item meets warranty criteria, it will be returned at the expense of BRUYERRE. Otherwise, the customer will be required to prepay the cost of repairing the appliance and the costs related to returning the merchandise.

11.3 For any other technical usage questions or problems related to the use of the products: For any other after-sales service inquiries:

  1. Applicable Rights

12.1 Belgian law applies to all agreements between BRUYERRE and the customer.

12.2 In case of disputes, they will be exclusively brought before the courts of the Judicial District of CHARLEROI and, if applicable, the Justice of the Peace of the first canton of CHARLEROI (Belgium). Information about alternative dispute resolution methods can be obtained via the link but we reserve the right to submit any possible dispute exclusively to the courts.

  1. Property Rights

13.1 BRUYERRE retains full ownership of a sold item until the purchase price has been fully paid.

13.2 All elements of this website (logos, texts, photographs, etc.) are intellectual property of BRUYERRE. Any reproduction, use, or exploitation of the site's content is strictly prohibited without prior written consent.

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